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A.O.Orlovsky (1777-1832)

14 November 2002 - 17 February 2003
The Marble Palace

A personal exhibition of Alexander Osipovich Orlovsky is devoted to the 225th anniversary of his birth and 170th anniversary of the artist's death. A.Orlovsky is one of the most brilliant and typical representatives of the art of Romanticism. Being an outstanding graphic artist, a master of lithography (he was the author of the first Russian artistic lithography), and a painter, he worked in different genres and chose various themes and means, which was typical for artists of Romanticism. The artists had worked in Russia since 1802. He was on the service of the grand prince Konstantin Pavlovich and lived in his residence, the Marble Palace. Here he spend the most fruitful and rich in artistic explorations years of his life. Therefore, the exhibition devoted to creative work of A.Orlovsky is situated in the Marble Palace. More than 130 works of graphics and paintings from depositories of the Russian museum will be exhibited. And portraits of A.N.Olenin, Ch.Kameron, D.Kvarengi, L.-A.Dupor, as well as portrait series of Tomilovys and Lanskiyes, caricatures and grotesques, landscapes, genre drawings, and illustrations for fables of I.A.Krylov will be among them.